Year 2 Term 2 Week 15

This is your weekly update, I'm your host, Andy Fitton.  And this afternoon's report is sponsored by....nobody.  I don't have a sponsor.  This week saw Monday fly by as we were off and so nobody was in, moving us swiftly along to Tuesday which began with some mild weather and the promise of excitement in Outdoor Learning beginning with Grasshoppers moving in a general direction towards Outdoor Learning before being moved along into the big field to find jigsaw pieces of a giant train that they had to put together in record time before engaging in some "forest games" in a localised area; some of the adults got too competitive and tried to turn themselves into Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, caution was advised.  Oak class managed to catch some warmer weather which saw moments of sunshine and cloud while they mixed science in with "the three little pigs" and where the children came out to see whether they could blow items over with their breath or by wafting a piece of cardboard up and down and seeing which items were heavy or light.  With the rain holding off, Ash class came and began to make structures out of their mud bricks before deciding that they wanted to make more mud bricks for even bigger structures. 

Moving on to Wednesday and Wednesday saw some large levels of precipitation moving in with a westward breeze, settling nicely over Outdoor Learning and trying to convince pupils and staff alike that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to be going outside.  Sadly this turned out to be the case but moving on to Thursday where we had localised outbursts of rain for much of the day with Badgers coming out first to do some track printing work with ramps, paper and paint while a spot of cloud and rain tried its best to interupt this effort.  Hedgehogs came out to do their part as part of the "big salford clean up" and did some litter picking at the front and back of the school before more precipitation came on, with heavy rainfall till about 1.30pm when Forest School began and they in what was initially thought to be a moment of madness began to cook sausage, egg, bacon on open fires (vegetarian sausages were also used for the non meat eaters) and there was the hope of toast being done but sadly time ran on, and saw also the return of more rain. 

Friday soon happened and Cedar came out to create mud bricks while the clouds created wet weather, and the children really did get involved in this one as we had 1:1 time with them and the either placed the mud in themselves or used a trowel and generally were engaged throughout.  There was also bouts of kicking oneself for not bringing out a camera.  Dragonflies were learning to recognise their own names previously and this week saw the addition of recognising their own last namesThe weather being fairly mild at this point.  But it wasn't to last however, as strong winds and heavy rain came down while Caterpillars were using their "Proloquo2go" skills in a different context in Outdoor Learning by communicating with the adults what they would like to do on the playground while asking for the actions "push" and "pull". 

So all in all a wet week, with the hope of brighter skies and fairer weather next week.

Highlight of The Week was Oak class with their mini science experiment which you'll be able to see in the gallery and on their page on the website. 

Until next time, goodbye.

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