Year 2 Term 2 Week 18

Good morning. 

Now for those of you who were paying close attention, we have actually missed a week.  That was because we had "Arts Week" in School all centred around things to do with "Space" and "Spaciness" and shiny things of that nature and in Outdoor Learning we did an "alien hunt" and a "rocket launch", both of which were very exciting.  And I wanted to show you some of the awesome efforts that the classes had made with their rockets and the rocket launches but due to unforeseen circumstances this didn't work out (audience groan sound).  

ANYWAYS moving on.  We started back in on Tuesday and we have had some of our year 6 students go away on a residential and so I began my week with Oak class who wanted to do a bug hunt outside, and this was the perfect time to do it as we saw lots of woodlouses, worms, banded snails, slugs, spiders and all manner of creepy crawlies through our magnifying glasses, and this activity would later be repeated by Ash class who really went looking all over and under different parts of Outdoor Learning.  The children got engaged with the activity too, shouting to one another to come and look at the different bugs that they'd found and telling one another where they'd seen certain ones. 

Wednesday started and finished with Spiders who came and had a look to see if any of their seeds which they'd planted in the big planter had sprouted and interestingly some had! Though what it is remains to be seen (we forgot to put out mini signs) but the children were excited to see some signs of growth happening.  They also helped by ripping up some big amounts of paper and cardboard and putting them into the compost bin, which they then took turns in watering down (it had gotten a bit dry). 

Thursday and it was lovely and sunny outside and so Badgers came outside to work on their catching, throwing, kicking and interacting with one another as we threw, hit, kicked, bounced and jumped on a big blue beach ball.  Hedgehogs came next and they had a lovely session which left me kicking myself for not bringing a camera out with me.  We asked the children to make a frame of four sticks on the floor and then to fill it with whatever they wanted to make a picture.  Some did patterns, some used lots of flowers to represent their class and some tried to make Batmans face but again just a great time outside. Finally Forest School with Ladybirds is carrying on till the end of the term, which I'm excited about and this week we focused on exploring and learning about "germination" for some of the students and others engaged in a great session of "eagle eyes" but at the end of each game and other part we tied it back into what life lessons we can learn from the experiences that we had in Forest School. 

FridayCedar started off by trying to make a wormery and so we looked through the wood chip paths to see if we could find any.  We found lots.  So two of the children have made wormeries from 2 litre bottles and as the weeks go on we'll see what happens there.  Dragonflies carried on with the theme of searching for hidden items and having a bit of an exploration in the tree line.  Caterpillars however, left me again kicking myself for not having a camera as they've begun to learn to use tools.  So we had the children out learning how to use a saw and clamps and we're hoping in the weeks to come to build a class planter that they can use to grow things out of. 

Highlight of the Week:  Cedar class for their wormery lesson.  Go check out the pictures in the gallery and I'll see you next time.

Good bye.

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