Year 2 Term 3 Week 21

Okay so it's been a while since I last updated and I do apologise for that.  Let's get back to it.

A shorter one this time around to make sure that we get everything in.


Bees - Parachute games.

Squirrels - Loose bits, building, exploring, wheelbarrow races and hide and seek.

Forest School with Hazel - Building fires, swinging on rope swings, making nature brushes.


Pelted it down but we still went out!

Grasshoppers: Looked at allotment, played field games

Oak: Got wellies and waterproofs on and went and did a bug hunt.  Considered building a boat. 

Ash: Built a wormery.



Maple: Went out with them to the bike track.  The children giggled and smiled a lot.

Spiders: Cooked on an open fire (H.O.T.W.) and made homemade burgers.  Yum.



Badgers: Choice between two objects.  Had to find correct nature picture.

Hedgehogs:  Making nature brushes with different things found in Outdoor Learning.

Forest School with Ladybirds:  Learnt how to tie a clove hitch knot, made stinging nettle tea, made dens and mud cakes, played "Eagle eyes".  Epic.



Cedar:  Went looking for woodlouse.  Found them.  Lots of them.

Dragonflies:   Went wandering through "the jungle" to find Brazilian jungle creatures.

Caterpillars:  Made a miniature raised bed by nailing four pieces of wood together, having previously learnt to use a saw.  We wore safety gloves.

Willow:  Built a bug hotel.


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