Year 2 Term 3 Week 22

So I started my week with Bees Class cooking on an open fire.  Anytime I get to cook on an open fire, I'm a happy man.  Squirrels came out to build, knock down, run, walk, jump, climb, hide and all manner of activities in between.  Hazel had Forest School and that was full of so many things that I couldn't quite begin to start a list of what we did.  Suffice to say there was games, there was exploring our tree line, there was running, jumping and interacting with friends and quite a lot of giggling. 

Along comes Tuesday and Grasshoppers have been working on "outdoor games" in our tree line, to help them to understand the concepts that come in the form of games and Ash class came out to add other materials to their wormeries...namely worms.

Wednesday started with me visitng the bike track with Maple and we saw the children smiling and laughing away as we went round and round on the course on the "adapted bikes", followed shortly by Spiders class who had a go at learning how to light their own mini-fires in groups.  What was good to see was a child who expressed anxiety at the concept of having to do a fire, and starting the lesson sat away from the group coming over to light and manage their own fire by the end of the session.  Children love doing stuff outside and while the concepts may not be as concrete as algebra on the progress charts, going from anxiety to confidence and using fine motor skills and planning to light, manage and extinguish your own fire is a job well done in my book.  Not that I've written a book.  And if I had you probably wouldn't want to read it.   It would be very boring.

Thursday. Badgers came out first and they played parachute games on the big field, and also brought Monty the penguin over to join in.  He didn't know he was going to be involved but involved he was, non the less.  Hedgehogs had a session of creating letters with different pieces of natural material, after having drawn them on a sheet of paper, and being able to sound them out.  Charcoal, sticks and leaves were used for this activity. 

Friday had a visit from Cedar beginning my day, where we went looking for worms, and upon finding them we also looked at woodlouse, slugs, snails and millipedes under logs and tree stumps.  Caterpillars had their second group of pupils come out to put together a small raised bed/planter that we're hoping they'll be able to use next year at some point while in Dragonflies we'd had a very busy day and so we had some "green time" outside and a bit of a "chill out".  And to finish the week we had Willow come and add additional materials and bug to our big bug hotel in Outdoor Learning.  I should probably get some photos of that for you to see.


Until next time. 

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