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Bronze Award

Here at Springwood school we are very proud to have achieved the bronze level award by Eco-schools and we are looking foward to developing this in the future. Over the last 12 months we have been working towards the Silver Award, embedding the values and prinicples of the Eco school across the school and through our curriculum. 


The Eco Council

Our Eco Council shares our progress with the School Council in their Termly Meetings, providing feedback and addressing any concerns.

In the last meeting the Eco Council and the School council voted on our new Eco Code. The council voted on their favourite and decided on the key points that they believed should be included. They suggested that the Eco code should have words, pictures and symbols as these are methods of communication used across our school. Together we made these changes and the new code will be displayed in all of our classrooms.

In the next meeting the pupils of the Eco council will be visiting all of the classes to check that they have both a plastic and a paper recycling bag, to encourage all classes to recycle more.


Environmental Reivew

Earlier this year we completed our Environmental Review and have wrote an Action Plan:

The areas we have identified to work on are
• Energy saving, each class has a sign to remind them to turn off lights and the computers when not in use.
• Recycling this is a subject that is addressed through our curriculum and classes are encouraged to recycle materials in school.
• Reusing, making use of recycled materials in our Art and Design Technology lessons
• Healthy living, this is a theme covered in the curriculum and all children take part in a health living week.
• Making use of outdoor space, all children have opportunities to play outside. The school council and the Eco Council are pooling their ideas some suggestions are having an area for bird watching and having a quiet area to read.



Next Steps

To continue to develop and promote pupil voice at Springwood, all of our pupils in school will have the opportunity to complete the review of our Environmental review. Sharing their thoughts and suggestions, through sign, symbol, switch support or verbal communicartion, helping to set our targets for the next 12 months.


For ideas to try at home, please feel free to explore the Eco Schools Website -

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