School Clubs

After School Club Overview

At Springwood Primary School all pupils at the Swinton Site have the opportunity to access After School Club activities during the course of the year.

Clubs are usually aligned to the school terms and run for approximately 6 to 7 weeks consecutively from 3.15pm to 4.15pm.  Parents have the option to have their child access transport provided by school for their return journey or may opt to collect their child from school themselves once the club has finished.

At the start of each term, letters highlighting the type of clubs being offered are sent out to parents for them to express a preference so that pupils can be matched to the clubs that interest them most.  The school usually offer up to 6 different clubs (Rebound, Physical Activities, Signalong, Outdoor, Music and Sensory) each term.  Due to high demand, places on clubs are given on a ‘first come first served’ basis.  However, we do try to accommodate all pupils over the course of the academic year.

Payment for clubs can either be made online through SIMS Pay or if preferred school can take cash.  After School Clubs are charged at £2 per session or £5 if parents require their child to be transported home.  Pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium are not charged for transport.

To ensure smooth transportation from school to home Springwood assigns school staff to buses to act as Passenger Assistants.  This also ensures journey/route progress can be fed back to school should there be delays.

Should you have any questions about After School Clubs please do not hesitate to contact Aidan Yates at the Swinton Site.

Please note – at present due to current Covid restrictions, After School Clubs are not running. 


After School and Lunchtime Clubs

All pupils at Springwood have the opportunity to use their ‘voices’ to communicate their preference of where they would like to play at dinner time.  Popular choices are the community playground, trim trail and playing on the bikes.  Pupils also have the option to attend a number of lunchtime clubs such as Rebound, Dance, Music, Outdoor or Sensory.

After school clubs provide a great opportunity for children to engage in a new or unfamiliar activity or just something that they really enjoy.  They have the chance to mix with different children and adults and have fun in a safe, familiar environment.

You will be notified by telephone if After School Cub is cancelled for any reason.

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