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The end of Half Term 1

Just a quick heads up on things that have been happening in Outdoor Learning this half term. 

Forest School:  In my Forest School group, Spiders have spent the past 6 weeks “scaffolding” their skill set (a fancy term basically meaning we helped, led, directed and introduced new skills for them to learn) in order that come the following half term they can go on to decide which direction they want to take their learning, be it in the form of various games teaching strategy and forward planning as well as an added fitness element, or perhaps they want to work on their fire skills which will lead onto cooking various items on an open fire.  Because we’ve taught them a few different knots some of them have also had a go at building their own mini shelters.  In Kaths group, Elm class has had a more sensory approach to Forest School using the five sense, one per week, to explore the various elements of our small woodland.  All around fun and games.

In Outdoor Learning we’ve looked at The Great Fire of London which has led to the lighting of many fires and this has also led invariably to the making of smores and other edible items.  We’ve had a theme called “Enough for Everyone” where we’ve been learning about recycling and reusing and other terms that start with the prefix “re”. 

Finally in the aim to create the Back to Eden plots I’ve had four classes this year committing themselves to grow fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers and stuff in their plots using the “no dig” approach and suffice to say we’ve had a lot of fun.  We had the classes make their own raised beds where they learnt to or had a go at using a drill and screwdriver and putting brackets into place and we’ve been composting on top of the previously laid woodchips using veggies, fruits collected from classes, putting chicken manure on and then by adding cardboard and some leaves.  We’ve also created (or begun to) our own liquid fertiliser from stinging nettles.  Three classes have had a go with the other soon to follow (or at least that’s what I’m hoping) and I can tell you that it’s apparently starting to work because the mixture smells.  Allegedly this is good sign. 

So that was this half term.  Keep an eye out for more updates.