Covid Useful Information 2

Sport England have provided some useful ideas about how to stay active if you are at home.  They can be accessed from their website on


If you are down to £4 on your gas and electric pay and go. You can phone your provider and ask for a fuel voucher. You can do this twice a year and don’t have to pay it back. £40 credit will be given to you.


If you can’t get baby formula, if you ring your local pharmacy they should be able to order you some.

Or if you look on the back of the baby formula tin some have helpline numbers and they should be able to deliver some to you.


TACPAC for Parents – Click on the link below for FREE TACPAC sets.  At the checkout enter code 8Q7A3TXS.


Please find a link for resources provided by the Oak National Academy.  They have provided a collection of high-quality lessons and online resources created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.


The healthy holidays hub on Salford City Council’s website, has videos from local community organisations and links to everything from cookery and craft to exercise, music lessons and singing, reading and games.

Each week new videos will be added to help families enjoy their time together over the summer break.

The hub also includes links to extra financial support and advice for families which may be struggling with existing debts or the impact of Coronavirus

The hub can be found at

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