Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is allocated to schools to address any inequalities between pupils who are eligible for free school meals and those that are not. Schools allocate the funding each year to provide additional support, intervention and strategies which are designed to improve outcomes for our pupils.

At Springwood, the funding is allocated to additional resources such as:  additional staff at lunchtimes to support independence;  to pay for the support of specialists such as Music Therapist and Eye Gaze specialist teacher; to ensure access for all pupils to attend educational visits.   For the full information on our current spending plan, please see the documentation below.

In order for the school to access funding, all families who are entitled to Free School Meals need to register.  We ask that even if your child is entitled to ‘Universal Free School Meals’ because of their age, or because your child may bring a packed lunch because of dietary requirements, you still apply for the funding to help provide additional support for both your child and others.

Follow the link to Salford’s Website for further information.

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